Follow the trails GS Trophy South East Asia 2016

Beyond the typical tourist trails, we set out to explore Thailand by motorbike. Varied is Thailand's unique and subtropical mountain landscape on the border with Myanmar. And particularly appealing to explore it on small trails and gravel roads by bike.

The starting point is Chiang Mai in the mountainous north of Thailand. From there we follow in the footsteps of the GS Trophy South East Asia 2016 and get to know what makes a Trophy Spirit. Six days through Thailand's unknown mountain and river landscapes, riding a motorcycle while discovering the country's incredible culinary diversity.

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Day one: Sunday
Arrival Chiangmai, transfer to the Hotel Shane, welcome dinner

Day two: Monday
Drive from Chiangmai to Pai, overnight in Pai, Hotel Kuad Khon Thoe

Day three: Tuesday
Drive from Pai to Maehongson, overnight in Maehongson, Hotel Imperial

Day four: Wednesday
Drive from Maehongson to Maesarieng, overnight in Maesarieng, Hotel River House

Day five: Thursday
Drive from Maesarieng to Maecham, overnight in Maecham, Hotel Huan Jam Rat

Day six: Friday
Drive from Maecham to Chiangmai, overnight in Chiangmai, Hotel Shane, Farewell Dinner

Day seven: Saturday
Transfer to Chiangmai airport


  • Airport transfer (no flight booking, flight exclusive)

  • 6 x breakfast, 5 x lunch, 7 x dinner (soft drinks incl., Alcohol excl.)

  • boot beer

  • Motorcycle R 1200 GS, 800 GS (1000,00 € deductible by card or cash)

  • Petrol

  • Service Truck

  • BMW certified off-road instructors Tomm Wolf and Patima Kongpetch

  • Overnight in a single room

  • Give away T-Shirt


We reserve the right to make changes due to unforeseen things such as weather etc. in the planned route. These are communicated to the participant in advance.

Off-Road share: approx. 65 percent,  maximum 10 participants

Travel price and methods of payment:

  • Price per person in a single room 3156.50,-EUR 

  • When booking the trip, a deposit of 20% of the travel price is payable. The remaining payment no later than ten days before the start of the journey.

Special notes on the tour:

The participant is aware that on off-road motorcycle travel There is an increased risk of accidents by driving very bad distances and away from civilisation in foreign countries, high alpine mountain regions and deserts.


Four weeks before the start of the journey travel


  • Valid driving licence (German driving licences and international driving licences issued in Germany are not officially recognised in Thailand according to the Thai embassy. In principle, a Thai driving licence is required to drive vehicles)

  • Offroad experience, safe handling of the motorcycle

  • Suitability for travel or physical Fitness

Passport and Visa requirements:

The German passport must be valid for at least half a year on the day of entry into Thailand. Citizens, e.g. from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, can travel in Thailand without visa formalities if the journey does not exceed 30 days. On the plane, every air traveler receives an entry card. Please fill in the form completely. This will be checked for correctness in the passport control, and then a 30-day visa will be issued to the incoming traveler. Please always check the entry stamp. Changes are still possible without any problems at this time.


It is very warm all year round. The average temperatures in Bangkok are 25.7 °c in December and 30.1 °c in April. From November to February it is dry and very warm, from March to May it is hot. The main rainfalls fall from May to October.

Vaccination recommendation for all travellers: 

  • Tetanus

  • Diphtheria 

  • Hepatitis A

Rabies for travellers who are exposed to special risks:

  • Hepatitis B for close social contacts and long-term stays 

  • Typhoid fever in poor hygienic conditions

  • Rabies for trekking trips and long-term stays in rural areas

  • Polio poliomyelitis for trekking trips, poor hygienic conditions and long-term stays

  • Japanese encephalitis from May to October in rural areas. Vaccination recommendation by WHO: for stays of at least 2 weeks, especially in rural areas

An increased risk of infection without vaccination can include: 

  • Intestinal infections

  • Dengue fever

  • schistosomiasis 

  • filariasis

Lyme disease Travel Pharmacy: 

  • Sun protection 

  • Mosquito Repellent

  • Head Pills

  • Tablets against diarrhoeal diseases and more

In Thailand there are many and well equipped pharmacies in case of cases.

Right of cancellation of the participant:

the participant is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time. If the participant returns, the following

cancellation fees will be charged instead of the participation price:

  • Up to 90 days before the start of the journey 20% of the participation price 

  • Up to 60 days before the start of the journey 40% of the participation price 

  • Up to 30 days before the start of the journey 60% of the participation price 

  • Up to 07 days before the start of the journey 80% of the participation price.

The deadline for calculating the time limit shall be the receipt of the declaration of cancellation by Malelobo GmbH. We recommend the conclusion of a travel cancellation and travel cancellation insurance.

Cancellation of the tour operator:

If the minimum number of 8 participants is not reached, Malelobo GmbH reserves the right to cancel the journey no later than 28 days before the start of the journey.


Malelobo GmbH reserves the right to exchange the instructors at short notice due to unforeseen events.


Waiting List


Follow the trails GS Trophy South East Asia 2016 Group 1 

Follow the trails GS Trophy South East Asia 2016 Group 2 

19 JAN 2019

Follow the trails GS Trophy South East Asia 2016 Group 3 

Follow the trails GS Trophy South East Asia 2016 Group 4

23 NOV 2018

13 JAN 2019

20 JAN 2019

26 JAN 2019

2 FEB 2019

27 JAN 2019

29 NOV 2018

3156.50 EUR

3156.50 EUR

3156.50 EUR

3156.50 EUR

起點在泰國北部清邁山區,從那裡我們開始追尋 2016
東南亞 GS Trophy 路線,讓參加者了解 GS Trophy 的精
FTT 泰國行程表:

◼ 第一天  
抵達清邁機場,搭乘接駁車至 Shane Hotel (舍恩酒店),住一
◼ 第二天  
從清邁出發至 Pai。 
在 Pai,Hotel Kuad Khon Thoe (夸德空小屋),住一晚。 
◼ 第三天  
從 Pai 出發至 Maehongson。 
在 Maehongson,Hotel Imperial (帝國酒店),住一晚。 
◼ 第四天  
從 Maehongson 出發至 Maesarieng。 
在 Maesarieng,Hotel river house(河畔酒店),住一晚。 
◼ 第五天  
從 Maesarieng 出發至 Maecham。 
在 Maecham,Hotel Huan Jam Rat,住一晚。 
◼ 第六天  
從 Maecham 出發至清邁。 
在清邁,Shane Hotel (舍恩酒店),住宿一晚及歡送晚宴。 
◼ 第七天  
⚫ 機場接送(不包含機票費用) 
⚫ 6 X 早餐、5 X 午餐、7 X 晚餐(包含飲料,不含酒精飲料) 
⚫ 啤酒 
⚫ 摩托車 R1200GS,F800GS(1000.00 歐元,可透過刷卡或現
⚫ 汽油 
⚫ 補給車服務 
⚫ BMW 國際認證教練 Tomm Wolf 與 Patima Kongpetch 
⚫ 每晚住宿單人房. 
⚫ 贈送 T-Shirt 


❖ 我們保留因計劃路線中不可預期的天氣狀況而進行更改
的權利。 如果情況發生,我們將提前與參與者討論。。
Off-Road 分配:

大約 65%OFF-ROAD,每團最多 10 位參加者。 

⚫ 每人每間單人房費用 3156.50,-EUR 
⚫ 預定行程時,必須支付行程費用中 20%的訂金,餘款應
      於行程開始前 10 天內支付完畢。 


❖ 旅途特別說明: 
參加者必須意識到這是一趟在國外 Off-Road 旅程,在偏遠的
高山上騎乘 Off-Road 路段,並且遠離市區,因此會增加騎乘

⚫ 持有效的駕駛執照、國際駕照 
⚫ 具備 Off-Road 駕駛經驗、能安全操控車輛。 
⚫ 身心健康條件無慮 
如果旅程不超過 30 天,來自德國,奧地利和瑞士的公民可
空旅客都會收到一張入境卡。 請正確填寫表格,並在護照
檢查中檢查是否正確,然後簽發 30 天的簽證給入境旅客。 
請務必檢查入境章。 目前仍可以毫無問題地進行更改。 
泰國一年四季都很溫暖。曼谷平均氣溫 4 月 30.1 度,12 月
25.7 度。從 11 月到 2 月氣候乾燥且相當溫暖;從 3 月到 5
月氣候相當炎熱;主要降雨量在 5 月到 10 月。 
⚫ 破傷風 
⚫ 白喉疫苗 
⚫ A 型肝炎疫苗 
⚫ 長期於密閉空間之 B 型肝炎患者。 
⚫ 於衛生條件差之傷寒患者。 
⚫ 登山或郊外旅行和長期居住於狂犬病疫區之農村地區。 
⚫ 登山或郊外旅行和長期居住在衛生條件差之小兒麻痺患
⚫ 日本腦炎在 5 月至 10 月易發生於衛生條件差的農村地區。
      世界衛生組織的疫苗接種建議:至少停留 2 週,特別是

⚫ 腸胃炎 
⚫ 登革熱 
⚫ 吸血蟲病 
⚫ 絲蟲病 
⚫ 防曬 
⚫ 防蚊劑 
⚫ 頭痛藥 
⚫ 止瀉藥...等 
❖ 泰國當地有很多藥品齊全的藥房,能以防萬一。 
參與者有權隨時取消合同。 取消費用如下: 
⚫ 行程開始前 90 天,將收取 20%的費用。 
⚫ 行程開始前 60 天,將收取 40%的費用。 
⚫ 行程開始前 30 天,將收取 60%的費用。 
⚫ 行程開始前 7 天,將收取 80%的費用。 
❖ 取消條款的發聲日期,是以收到 Malelobo GmbH 取消聲
如果參加人數未達最低限制 8 人,Malelobo GmbH 保留在旅
程開始前 28 天取消旅程的權利。 
如遇上不可預期的情況,Malelobo GmbH 保留在短時間內更