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1.What is Enduro Park Thailand?

  • Enduro Park Thailand is officially partner of BMW Motorrad Thailand. We ensure your training with International Instructors certified by BMW Motorrad with standard curriculum.


2. Who can take course?


  • Anyone with the ability to ride a motorcycle with clutch and a valid driving licence are mandatory for participation in all training programmes.


3.How many level and how long it does it take to finish the course.?


  • There are 2 levels at EPT, Level 1 & level 2, each level takes 1 day starting from 9:00 am until 16:00pm.


4. What to expect in each level?

  • Basic off-road Level 1: Riding position/ emergency braking/ up&decent hills/ humps/ sand, gravel and water crossing.

  • Basic off-road Level 2: Balancing /Full-locked turn/ emergency braking without ABS/ bike stalls on the hill/ problem solving during the riding trip. Brake slide and power slide.


5.Do I need to bring own lunch and refreshment?

  • Lunch and refreshment drinks are provided during the training. If you need special food please inform our staff before the training starts.


6. What should I bring with me for the training?


  • For the Enduro training courses as well as the Enduro tours we kindly request you to bring along a complete protective motorcycle gear (helmet, Enduro or moto-cross boots, gloves, goggles, motorcycle suit with protectors, (if required) additional protectors such as back protector or chest armour.


Please note that we emphasise the need for rugged and suitable footwear – normal "motorcycle boots" will not meet the off-road riding



7. What price for each course?

    ( Level 1 & level 2 )

  • 13,000 THB including R 1250 GS

  • 12,000 THB including R 1200 GS

  • 11,000 THB including F 850 GS


8.Where is Enduro Park Thailand?



9. Contact

Enduro Park Thailand

117/78 Ban Huai Kum, Bang Phra,

Si Racha, Chon Buri 20110

WhatsApp: +66824410777

Mobilephone: +66 82 4410777

E-mail :

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